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It Takes A Village To Support Parents, And We Are Here To Do Just That.

Posted on July 18 2016

It has been a whirlwind of a couple weeks, and we are out of the shop. It was a heartfelt moment to say goodbye to the loved space (below is a teary me with Freda from Bridge the Bump), but as I had mentioned to many, it was time. But that doesn't mean its sir.. not even close! We are just getting started, and the wheels are spinning on what this next chapter will look like. 

So many women have come to depend on the shop for Fitsplints belly jelly, diaper bags, Bridge the Bump inserts, I mean the list goes on. We plan to find out what people are really after, and stock the online store with the essentials, the items that really matter to you as a parent, and make sure we always have them available. 

This shop was born out of the need for new parents to find what they were looking for, and know that moms had tested it for them already. The carefully picked products had a seal of approval, and all picks make life easy on sleep deprived brains. So we are headed back there, to make sure what goes up is needed and necessary. We want to be part of holiday markets, and local shows, pop ups and mom events.

But first, let us take a breather, I promise to post the photos of the much needed holiday we are about to take , and we will see each other real soon. if you get time please make sure to tell me what you are after, and what you need stocked, and we will grow from there. Sending you all the best, and big hugs for all the support. It means so much.

It take a village to support a parent, and we want to be part of your village always.


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