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Testing Testing 1 2 3

Posted on November 05 2013

Well Hello! 

Let me welcome you to my first blog posting ever! Ba Ba Da Bam! I am new to this world, and like so many of you, I never really knew where to start. But I guess one day day you just wake up, and say "let's do this". So where do I start. 

For a while now Kat and I have been talking about what our next steps would be, and what we wanted our lives to look like when heading back to work. I was to be honest... dreading it. I just didn't want the monday to friday grind for my kids, and I kept thinking of a way to not make this happen. 

I have been racking my brain to figure out what the perfect work life balance looks like for my family. And Eureka! I think we have found it! I have been off with my children for almost 2 years out of 2 and a half. I am with them day and night. I take care of their needs before mine. I make sure they have the best products, and that the functional element overrides the aesthetic. My kids look great, they eat great, and are all around really happy.

I think I found my calling. Who would have ever known that I would be so interested in the latest baby gear, or how the newest carrier on the market functioned? I find myself on baby product websites, mommy blogs, searching tips and advice on parenting..... Wow have I changed. But I love the new me.

So I am excited to say that my new baby is on its way.. This Little Piggy, and I can't wait to show you all. We have never been so excited and focused on a job before. We cant wait to show you all the wonderful products that Kat and I have used, tested, and put our seal of approval on. All you have to do is just use it and be happy knowing your baby will be safe and happy and lookin like a million buxxs.


Thats it for now - Faye


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