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Well, we did it.

Posted on October 25 2013


Faye and I constantly have complained over the last 30 months about how hard it is to find all the things we really want for our kids in one easy place. Go to one store for a carrier, one store for cloth diapers, another for disposables. Walk down the street for a rattle, and back up for a soother clip. Soothers are only located at the big box at the mall in Etobicoke. 

Throw two kids under 2 (or 3) into the mix and it basically becomes impossible to get any shopping done. And even with hand-me-downs, each kid needs a little something here and there that you didn't save, or lost or whatever. 

You mamas know what I'm talking about. 

So, about a month ago, Faye said to me, "Kat, I've had enough. We should probably put our heads together and open a shop with all the things we use, we love and we know that other parents will love, too. And let's open it right here, in our neighbourhood." She followed that up with, "Am I crazy?" 

I replied, "Probably, but let's do this anyways."

And that's how This Little Piggy was born. 



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