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Valentine's Day Ideas For Your Parents

Posted on February 12 2016

It's Valentines Day! A day of love, and a day to show the ones you care for how much they really mean to you. So here are some great ideas for your parents that will surely make their heart melt. 

1. Say your first word "mama" or "dada" that is sure to get a tear or two. Make sure to smile and crawl over to them after you say it for bonus points. ***Extra bonus point if you can point to them after. We took a quick poll with parents, and they all agree, this would be the ultimate gift on Valentine's Day.

2. Take two naps, one around 10:00 am, so mom can get out for a coffee and walk with her friends, and then right after lunch. Make sure this one is really long, and you sleep like and angel.. There is nothing better than walking in to check up on your baby, and find a sweet sleeping cherub. 

3. Ask Daddy to take a sweet video of you eating your spaghetti and pouring it all over yourself, or licking yogurt out of a bowl. Make sure to use lots of words to explain how you feel, what you are eating, and accentuate the sounds. Lots of "da da da" "weeeee waaaa" "ba ba ba" would be an excellent addition to the short film. Don't worry about the mess, filthy babies are cuuute, and you know after a good laugh, your parents wont mind a little mess. Afterwards, a quick dip in the tub for a photo session of splashing baby would top this gift off. 

4. Lastly... Pucker up and give those parents of yours some good lovin. Snuggles and Hugs and Kisses will mean all the world to them. xo xo

5. If you really need to get something sweet, pop in to This Little Piggy, and we can get your parents sorted, From Epsom Salts for a relaxing bath to a new fancy Diaper Bag, baby we have got you covered!

Enjoy your Valentine's Day with baby or baby bump everyone! We hope you have a lovely day, and get pampered for all the hard work you do.

-This Little Piggy xo xo


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