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Great Products for Pregnancy

Posted on January 06 2016

I am very fortunate to be pregnant and working in this wonderful store, not only because I get to see all the delightful products available and get to feed into this ‘crazy nesting’ that’s taken hold but I get valuable advice from the wonderful experienced ‘Mama Team’ at This Little Piggy, Faye, Kate and Aurelie and all our new and experienced mama’s who frequent the store. So thank you to all of you for sharing your experiences.

I have to say my two favourite products so far have been my Bridge the Bump Coat extender and both my all natural belly butters by Substance and ButterflyWeed. My Bridge the Bump can be used and looks great with both my coats. I look forward to simply switching it around so I can use it when my little guy arrives and hopefully I will just be able to buy a zipper attachment so my husband can use it too. Don't forget our Bridge the Bump workshop here this Saturday, January 9th. 

Now at 31 weeks and after reading Prepared to Push by Kim Vopni, Fitness Doula, I feel I should write about this great book and her encouragement of preparing both our bodies and mind for birthing. This book cleverly and very simply encapsulates all the preparation and advice I have been cramming in, a great reference book for both before and after birth.

After reading volumes on how our modern daily lives are so altered from naturally preparing our pelvic area for birth, I loved Kim’s resonating logic and message that we would sensibly train our bodies and mind for a sporting event such as a marathon so why wouldn’t we prepare our bodies and minds for birth?

This book is actually summarizes all the advice and learning I have gained such as the retrospective advice on the importance of pelvic floor physio both before and after birth, or a reminder for the incredible benefits and learning I have gained through Mama Moves and Pelvic Floor Boot Camp at Boomerang Pilates in Roncy, or the specific prenatal Yoga and Pilates provided by Laura Wood, As She Moves. For Laura, she retrospectively learnt that it’s not just about staying fit and healthy but about working the right muscles in the right way to prepare properly.

My next step will be to try the EPI-NO. We sell so many of these that I finally did proper research. The EPI-NO stands for no episiotomy and was developed by A German Doctor along with Midwives and Physios after seeing woman in Africa using ‘gourds’ to increase the size of the perineum and prepare the pelvic floor for labor. This little device not only helps to physically prepare the area for birthing a little human head but mentally helps us prepare too knowing that we can stretch that area to the size of a babies head and hopefully with less or no tearing! It can also be used after birth whether natural and or not to help strengthen the muscles that are strained after carrying a baby for 9 months.

Wishing you all a wonderful January

Natalie and the team at This Little Piggy


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