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How to Size a Shoe For New Walkers

Posted on October 16 2015

When it comes to finding shoes for your babies, there can be so many questions. "What size is my babies foot?", "Should I buy a hard sole or a soft sole?" Well I'm here to answer a few of these questions, and take the guessing out of it for you.

Babies feet are usually similar in size in the early months. It seems that no matter boy our girl, babies feet follow the same growth in the beginning, its the toddler years that you will actually see differences. 

From newborn to 9 months, babies feet will follow this pattern.

  • newborn to 3 months, size 1
  • 3 months to 5 months size 2
  • 5 months to 9 months size 3
  • 9 months to 12 months size 4
  • 12 months to 15 months size 5. 

From here this is really up to the baby, but I can definitely say that new walkers feet are almost always a 4 or 5. 

So what does this mean for shoes? I always recommend a soft soles shoe for early walkers, as their feet are still growing, and forming. Children learn to walk by gripping their toes on the ground, and they don't need arch support for this. A light weight leather shoes is a great way to promote this development, and the flexible and soft material will aid in the proper formation of their feet. That is why we carry Minimoc's and See Kai Runs in the shop. They are excellent shoes that are made specifically for early walkers. If you have any questions regarding shoes, and sizing please stop by the shop and let us help you out! 

 My tip to everyone, take care of your babies feet, as they are going to need them for the long road ahead. 


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