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Meet The New Team

Posted on October 11 2015



Running the store has become serious  business these days, and we are loving  the new adventures we have taken on.   We are now working with and  bringing This Little Piggy to a whole new group of parents. Which is so amazing.  As the store continues to grow,  particularly for online shopping, we now have three members working very hard  in the store and or behind the scenes to  keep things ticking over.











What is Faye up to?

Faye owns shop, and keeps things running remotely. Although you may not see as much of her friendly smile or hear that loud beautiful laugh these days she is still very much involved and is only a phone call away. She is handling a lot of the behind the scenes and works with companies to find new and exciting products to bring to the store. One example is the Fort clothing collection and the Happy Wrap that is now in the store, and wait until you see what we will have for the Holidays.

Chaniel and Style

Chaniel is mostly here weekends with her warm friendly smile she adds her personal style to our brand and brick and mortar store, as well as keeping our social media tickity boo. If you ever have questions on a product or item you see featured, chances are she was behind it, and you can reach out to her to hear all about it. 

 Natalie the Neu

Natalie our newest member, originally from South Africa and has joined us recently to help streamline and boost the day-to-day running’s of the store. Definitely let her know if there is anything she can help improve on, to make the brick and mortar as well as the online store a better experience for you. 

Its all about you, and that is why we are taking this big leap to make This Little Piggy a great place to find all the items you need for your little one, and the the little ones in your life. 

Also keep an out out for some super cool incentives that we will be featuring on the blog and in our newsletter for savings and discounts for fall shopping. And don't forget to reach out as we love hearing from you. 

The Team..


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