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10 things I can't live without

Posted on September 09 2015

 It is quickly becoming apparent that as a parent we need to wear many hats at the same time. Mom, dad, sister, brother, co-worker, friend, boss, you name it. We have our hands full! And as this first week of school chugs along I cant help but think of all the things making my life easier, and I can't imagine life with out them. So I thought I would share with you the things I currently can't live without.

Here they are in no order but all equally as important;

     1. My new Macbook Air. This lovely laptop has been my learning tool for the last 2 weeks as I onboard into a new role. It has been so easy to set up and make my own, and that is why I love using Mac products so much. The learning curve is quick, and I have learned how to maneuver through the tools quite quickly.

     2. My daughter's lunchbox. We are now making kindergarten lunches, and filling her's with nutritious snacks and wholesome meals. I am not mentioning this for the brand, but for what it has taught my daughter about meals and lunchtime. She helps decide what she would like to add, and for the first time she is really in control of planning her snacks. I think this is the beginning to something great. Some of her favourites so far have been toast soldiers and hummus, sliced apples, and a mix of sunflower seeds and raisins. Simple but remember she is calling the shots now.

     3. My new iPhone6. I'm not sure what I was doing before. Just answering calls I guess.

     4. Coffee. The last 2 weeks have been a blur. I have been travelling with work, and I have spent time with my family in between, and the only thing that kept me alert was coffee. I took this photo while lined up in Kitchener waiting for my morning joe.

     5. My new Toner from Province Apothecary. Being on flights, and staying in hotel rooms is so drying, so I found this toner to give my skin some life. It's really amazing.

     6. Our Instagram Feed! I know that sounds cheesy, but the girls have been doing an amazing job keeping the Queen St shop ship shape, and our customers are happy, so watching the feed keeps me up to date on what is arriving, and what we are getting ready for you! So many exciting things! 

     7. I have a bottle of Really Great Goods in my house; the Green River scent. It has tea tree, pine and orange essential oils, and when I need to concentrate and feel grounded I simply spray my house with this and voila! It is an instant mood lifter. 


      8. West-End Food Coop is by far the best produce shop in my neighbourhood. It's a shop with a conscience, and it stocks the best of the best products that I love cooking and feeding my family. We have recently discovered food allergies in our family, and shopping here makes it easier to have choices for healthy eating. They also have the best hummus I have ever tried and I challenge anyone to show me a better hummus, I'm not kidding.

     9. Of course my kids!!! They are the best ever! And having my daughter start kindergarten has created a very funny dinner conversation. We talk about racoons, how dogs walk, her teacher, and of course her lunch box.

     10. Our shop. This Little Piggy is working hard to become your neighbourhood go to shop for all baby and parent gear. As always we love hearing from you, and If you are looking for that thing you just cant live without, I'll find it. I'll bring it in, and everyone will thank you. 




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