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Families And The Work Life Balance

Posted on August 18 2015

I miss my 20's. Well, I don't miss them, let's just say I miss the simplicity. Thinking back on my former jobs and various positions, I admit that I was ignorant to the work/life balance that so many of my colleagues were facing. I didn't understand what it meant to be balanced. But now having two kids of my own I have seen the light. To my fellow co-workers from my past, I'm sorry I didn't grab you that coffee and celebrate your small wins as much as we should have. Being part of it now, I want to raise my hands in the air with every small victory, and every milestone we cross. 

Whether the milestone is getting a coffee before I leave the house, or my daughter getting dressed on her own, so many small victories happen before 8 am, and I can't wait to tell the first person I see. 

I am about to start a new position with a super cool company. Its gonna be mayhem and amazing all at the same time. We are running the shop with no changes, and I will be working a full work week with Shopify.  Needless to say we are going to be one busy family.

I am so excited and nervous for this next chapter, and this has me thinking about the work/life part of my life. How do we as parents make sure that everyone is in check, while there is no time in the day to think about it? 

I am slowly coming up with a list, like always, but I am trying to think of ideas that will make sure I spend time with my kids and make sure we have quality time together. This is what I have so far:

-Make sure we go on an "explore" at least one a week. To give you a bit of background our family is out hiking or walking in the greenest spot we can find at least 2 to 3 times a week right now. I know this will be cut down when I am putting in more time with work, but I really want to make sure my children are getting outside, and spending time in nature.


-Set aside a night for movie night/ games night with the kids. My children adore curling up with popcorn on the couch and watching a movie, so this has to be part of our routine (we make the popcorn ourselves in a pot. The secret is olive oil).

-Now that our oldest is in Kindergarten, I plan on creating a chores schedule. It will give me some time to teach her good habits, and time to actually teach them something useful. We will start with dishes after dinner, and making beds in the morning. I'm keeping it simple and very routine to start, as I find everything functions better with a good simple routine.

  So these are my first ideas for work life balance and how to keep out kids engaged. What are some of your best practices? What keeps your family together through the 9 to 5 weekday?


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