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Food Allergies And Children

Posted on July 16 2015

 Feeding kids is a tricky business. First you have to know what they like, then how they like it prepared. You also have to take into consideration if they are teething, sick, or just plain not in the mood to eat what you have made. It can be hard on the best of days to get healthy calories in children. But what happens when certain foods are eliminated from a child's diet? A whole new set of eating habits, that's what.

 Our household is currently working through this reality. We are learning all about food allergies this week, and I am pretty much in an allergy bootcamp. Let me fill you in.

 Our youngest has had a rough go lately. He has had quite a few ear infections, runny nose, eczema etc. After doing a lot of research and meeting with various doctors, I thought it best to meet with Rachel Schwartzman, a Naturopathic Doctor and Nutritional Specialist. I wanted to see if something in his diet was troubling this poor little guy. 


(his favourite snack hummus, corn tortillas and tamari almonds with apples)

Well lets just say I am so grateful we did! Rachel went through everything with Nolan, and we also had the IgG test completed. When the results came back, it was like a lightbulb went off. Nolan is very allergic to all dairy, casein, lactose, and egg whites. So we have removed this from his diet, and we are already seeing major improvements. Did I say we are seeing major improvements? Major.

On top of all that, we are learning all sorts of new recipes this week.  Egg and dairy free pancakes are on the menu, we are testing rice and soy milks, and sampling coconut based ice cream after dinner. Not to mention my husband and I have pretty much read every label in our house. 

It's been quite the week in our home, and we are really reaching out to others to gather more information on healthy recipes, and just others understanding what it means to have allergies. One thing we have really noticed is diary and eggs are in everything, and this is gonna take a lot of work on our part. 

I'd love to hear from you, and see what others are doing to balance children's diets with allergies. Please let me know your tips! 





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