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Our Kids and Social Media

Posted on June 23 2015

I am new to Social Media as it exists today.

For many years I have been posting photos to my Facebook page, and documenting my triumphs in life. I posted my new babies photos and our vacations, I posted the epic family meals, and I chronicled our life through positive images and comments. Yes it has been a little sugar coated, and yes I don't put the negative out there. But I am pretty sure when my children look back and see how their lives were documented in the younger years, they will be happy and content. 

Thislil_piggy joined Instagram and Twitter just over a year ago, and I am blown away by the activity and conversation these two tools generate for a small business like ours. The reach and marketing strategy that is created within one image, one post, one tweet. Let's just say it has been a crash course in Business Marketing 101 over here, and we are loving it! 

So diving right into it, I see a lot of conversation around kids and social media. It's a constant conversation, and I am glad to see this happening, and glad to see we are asking the right questions. Do we allow our children to be part of the story? Do we document the downs and well as the ups? This is a complicated topic, and I don't plan to give a straight answer, but what I can say is that our children deserve the best we can give them. They deserve positive role models and our unbiased guidance while understanding social media as a whole. The world is so different for them than is was for us, and it is up to us to provide the tools needed to navigate this complicated virtual world we have created. 

Thislil_piggy plans to stay positive. We will talk about new recipes, and foodie fridays, we will post our picks of the week, and instagram all the babies that pop by the shop. Plan to be spoiled with giveaways, sales, and cute photos, and we plan on keeping the not so nice out of our story. What do you think? Does positive content take away from the real message? Do we need to include the nitty gritty? 

I'll leave you with this utterly adorable image, because at the end of the day, it's all about them.

What are your thoughts? 


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