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10 things I cant live without this spring

Posted on March 23 2015

This spring, I find myself in a different headspace. A cleaner place, and more positive space. I am working really hard to get my family in check, and make sure the loved ones around me feel loved and supported in all they do. So much has been accomplished this long cold winter, it makes my head spin, so I thought I would just take a moment to talk about what keeps me movin and groovin. 

  • Instagram. I know this sounds crazy, but I am new to this world. I am really enjoying learning about new brands, and watching everyone's artistic vision and design take shape. The world is so creative, and I am learning so much about photography and branding thru this product. 
  • Mamma Earth Organics subscription. It encourages me to cook healthier, and I know that my kids are eating social conscious produce. I have even learned new vegetarian recipes, which is alway nice. I'll share them soon.
  • The new routine. I have been working at the shop pretty much every day, so we needed a good schedule to keep the house running properly. We need to keep the kids engaged and happy. I must say it takes so much willpower, but we are sticking to it, and I am seeing a much happier and balanced family. 
  • Owl and Goose Curly Sue is saving my life this season, and keeping the colds at bay. But any green drink is better than no drink. I have also been told purple is the new green with smoothies, so get your beets in there!
  • My new Hunter Boots. They are keeping my feet dry through this slushy wet spring, and are so comfy on my walks to work. I am really not sure why I never owned a pair!
  • Our quilted blanket goes everywhere with us now until the fall. It's in the car, or stroller at all times for park trips, and Dufferin Grove playground afternoons. It's our picnic blanket, its our change room, its our little square of home while we are out and about.
  • My Stella and Dot scarf. I think every picture that has been taken of me since I bought it, I am wearing it. Melissa Sheppard, the stylist I use, will need to get me a new one soon.
  • Wildcraft salve for my hands. They were cracking and dry all winter, until the girls from wildcraft gave me a small sample at the Love Market, and now I use it all the time. They have the best skin care products.
  • Amelia and Nolan.

What is currently keeping you going? Where are you finding your motivation? We would love to hear.



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