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Babies and New Year's Parties, fact or fiction?

Posted on December 31 2014

Tonight we are heading out after bath time with our 2 little ones, to attend a New Year's party. As I remember back through the years, this was the norm when I was a kid. We were put to bed in an aunt's/cousin's/family friend's room while the parents rang in the New Year downstairs. Everyone had fun, and it was the most exciting thing ever to us as little girls.

When we were younger, I remember sitting at the top of the stairs with my sister. We would try to get a glimpse of our aunts with their hot red lipstick and huge eighties permed hair ( we still talk about the lipstick kisses all over our faces). I don't think I am alone here, this was the way it went. Kids went to parties, and kids were part of the festivities.

So this year, we plan on doing the same. The kids are coming to the party, they are gonna dance in their PJ's and we are going to eat curry chicken skewers and stuffed mushrooms. I'm gonna ring in the new year, and my kids will be sleeping upstairs in auntie's bed. I am so excited to get dressed up, put on my new dress, do my hair, and load the kids in the car. 

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you are all busy getting ready for your NYE plans, and maybe even some of you will have the kids watching from the top stair this year at your hot pink lips and straightened hair. 



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