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The stages of childcare, and how I am still learning.

Posted on October 08 2014

When I first went on mat leave I was so fresh and new to the ideas of childcare. I thought about how I would like my child to spend her days, and what I wanted her to learn. I wanted a safe environment, for her to explore, get outside and most of all enjoy. With this comes so many options.  

Today, I am yet again in a transition of childcare, and thought I would write a bit about our story.

When Amelia was 11 months old, I went back to work. I was so fearful that no one would care for her the way I do. No one would cut her food up for her, and no one would be able to put her to sleep. I quickly learned this was not true at all. As mothers we think no one can do what we do, but the fact of the matter is our children are resilient and amazing when faced with change. They thrive. They love the stimulation and change is good. 

Amelia loved her days at Wecare. She loved Lucy and Telma, and we loved them. So much. It killed me to move her. But as with change, and new baby, and a new business, we needed more and we hired Gina. 

Gina pretty much runs my house. She takes care of Nolan and Amelia Tuesday to Saturday, and I have no idea what I would do without a nanny. My children attend playgroups, learning centres, and playdates at other children's houses daily. They are fed, played and bathed when I get home. They are happy.

So here enters the new change. Preschool. Amelia just got into preschool and she starts tuesday. I am excited and nervous for her. I know she is going to do so well, and thrive with others her age. Nolan will be home with Gina, but we will find another toddler so we can do a nanny share for her.

I am starting to realize the saying "blink and its over",  that my kids are growing way faster than I thought, and I already see what amazing kids they are growing up to be. No more babies, no more cribs. We sleep in big boy and girl beds now. We say please and thank you, we go to the potty, and we wash our hands before snack time. And this is just the beginning!


Good luck at school baby you are gonna do great. xo


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