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Woodwater now in store

Posted on September 13 2014

Locals will remember a post we published a few weeks ago, announcing that one of the sister duo of Woodwater clothing had been in a freak accident while camping. Sister Amy was shielding her 5 year old son under a tarp when a freak rain/wind storm came up. A tree fell on the pair, crushing Amy's pelvis but leaving her son unharmed. We put out the call after the accident for donations as Amy's road to recovery, with lack of income or insurance is hard. 

We knew that we were hoping to work with the girls (Holly is Amy's sister and business partner), but with the accident, were unsure of what that looked like for Woodwater. 

We are thrilled to announce that as of this weekend (September 13), we will be carrying a full range of sweater pants and hoods for fall/winter at This Little Piggy. Besides being quality, years long pieces for fall and winter, the purchase of any Woodwater products from the store goes directly to Amy and Holly - including Amy's recovery fund. 

Henry has a hood, and Lauchie has a pair of sweater pants (which he is wearing today, brrrr) and I can attest to the style, quality and comfort of these items. The cowls are a years-long investment. The shape and sizing is generous and will replace a regular hat and scarf for years. The pants? Adorable and stylish and they happen to be mighty cozy. 

Come check Woodwater out at TLP starting this weekend and at The Baby Show on Sept. 27/28. 

And if you are so inclined, please do donate to Amy's Recovery Fund. 



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