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Product Review - The Laundry Tarts Sweet Spot stain remover

Posted on July 31 2014

I love The Laundry Tarts stain stick. It's inexpensive, works wonders and has a pleasing, yet not overpowering smell. I knew it worked well, but lemme tell you about today.

I had a not great afternoon that I carried home with me. Getting dinner ready (alone) was hard. BBQ'd chicken got destroyed (burned), I had to cook every piece of corn on the cob because the first batch burned up, too. I finally had dinner almost ready when Lauchie, trying to see what bad shit he could get away with, reached up onto the counter to grab his brother's dinner plate....full of chicken and ketchup.

I was wearing my brand new WHITE Covet linen knit tee from Shopgirls here in Pdale. 

I think you can see where this is going. Anyways, i freaked out, but after two seconds, I ran to the laundry to grab my stain stick. I gave my top a good scrub, threw it in the wash for a quick rinse n' spin, then washed it on delicate with my Laundry Tarts detergent

Shirt has zero ketchup on it. 

So, if you wondered if this stuff works, I can say, unequivocally, it does. It works really well.




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