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What a difference a year makes

Posted on May 27 2014

12 months ago, I was easing into my maternity leave after a very stressful and hectic website launch with my peeps at The Canadian Cancer Society. Mostly working from home, I was overworked, tired, and very pregnant, so I did what any good pregnant person does, and said, "I'll be working from home!" and that's what I did. It was the perfect transition into my summer and prep for new baby. Between conference calls and meetings, I prepped the kid's room, I shopped, I put my feet up. Thinking back on it, I'm feeling nostalgic. At the time, I was tired and grumpy. Now? I think, "that was carefree!" 

The stress now is different. It's fun, invigorating, innovative. Faye and I have been texting back and forth all night talking about new brands, new styles, where to move for late summer and into fall. Hell, today we already started talking about Christmas. In May. 

This city is unique, strange and wonderful. I'm meeting all sorts of other small business owners, cooking up amazing promotions (coming up, my dears) for the store. Giveaways, parties, photo booth sessions and everything in between. 

This year has been so different than any other in my adult life and that makes me so jazzed, you have no idea. 



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