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Family Friendly updated

Posted on May 25 2014

 The sunny season is upon us, stroller walks, meeting up with friends, and enjoying this lovely weather. You head to new areas of the city, and find yourself in foreign territory, but its ok! No one is wearing a sweater. But wait!! You have kids. 1, 2, 3 maybe even 4! What to do, what to do.

 Where can you take them where people are not going to stare at you while you lick pizza sauce of their cheeks, or where the chocolate milk goes flying, and lands in your lap... 


So this got me thinking... family friendly eating. Family restaurants, that make you feel not only like a person, and make your experience a treat, but they are happy to see the lil ones. They don't mind the chaos. 

So here it goes my 2014 summer list for you parents and family members out there. If you are out and about and need a place for the kids may i suggest,


1. This end up -

Amelia was totally diggin this burger, and she really like the salad. They have great food for everyone, and the fish tacos are lovely. Personally, this is currently my favourite restaurant.

2. Grenadier Cafe -

High Park has it all, beautiful scenery, nice parks and playgrounds and a totally reasonable, and decent restaurant. I have always been satisfied when I order off this menu, and the kids don't mind either.

3. Lady Marmalade -

I have never had a bad meal here. The staff are always happy to see  strollers and moms, and their eggs benny are so good. I actually crave it.

4. Fanny Chadwick's -

We plopped the car seat (with baby) in the booth one cold night, and had a beer with fish and chips, best dinner ever. They have sticky buns for brunch that taste like a big hug with coffee. awww.

5. Barque Smokehouse -

We really enjoy Barque's ribs, so delicious and tender. And there is nothing better (sorry vegetarians) than watching the baby chew on ribs... Amelia loves them, and I think Nolan is ready. Barque date soon anyone?

6. Smock cafe -

The best place to meet a girlfriend for a coffee. The kids menu is so nice and their mixed salads and sandwiches are so tasty. Also toddlers can paint pictures while you sip away on your latte.

7. Marcello's -

When I was pregnant with my first, I ate the spaghetti al pesto probably once a week. I don't think I am exaggerating. This restaurant has something to satisfy everyone, and is truly a family friendly restaurant. The staff are amazing. And Wychwood park is great for the kids.

8. The Lakeview Restaurant -

The Lakeview has everything you need for a great meal. The kids menu is great, and serves up the favourites, and when you are done, the park is just steps away. Perfect.

9. Lil Baci -

This restaurant has a great vibe, and the small plates are great to share. Kids can eat delicious pizza, and you can enjoy the delicious wine menu.

10. Fresh restaurant -

Any location you head to will offer great food, and something for the little ones. Or just for you, if they aren't ready for food. The juice bar is amazing for new moms, as it gives you a good dose of veggies and fruit. 


I am totally open to suggestions, and would love to hear from you all on your faves. thanks!


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