Summer – This Little Piggy Shop


Posted on May 22 2014

I remember the first summer we had Henry. It was confusing and strange and fun. Henry hated being in the car because he'd get hot, so we couldn't do too many things. If we got stuck in traffic, he would just crumple into a screaming mess. Even with AC blasting, he hated it. 

Last year was Lauchie's first summer and with the epic heat came a poor newborn who had no idea how to handle anything. He was always overwhelmed. In those first few weeks, he slept well and didn't want too much cuddling. Looking back, especially with my little cuddle monster now, I see it was the weather, not his temperament that kept him from snuggling. 


With two toddlers this summer, I'm expecting to have loads of fun, but also be hard pressed to find things to do inside on super hot days. We're close to the lake, High Park and pools and have a bunch of delicious ice cream shops close by. What do you do with your kids on hot summer days?



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