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Fête des Mères is Almost here.

Posted on April 29 2014

No matter what day you celebrate, or whom you celebrate it with, Mothers Day is a lovely holiday.

It is filled with oversized chocolate chip cookie cakes, colourful flowers by the boat load, and lots and lots of handmade cards. I still remember making my mothers day cards in school, with glue, construction paper and tissue paper. Oh! And a horrendous amount of sparkles.. ooh the sparkles. They were on all my cards.

What many may not know is how many different dates there are for this holiday around the world! It can be anywhere from the Second Sunday in February in Norway, to the Fourth Sunday in Lent for Ireland. It arrives as Parents day in South Korea on May 8th, or Mothers and Children's day on June 1st in Mongolia. You can even find it during Shevat in Israel.

For all you "moms" out there, we want to say Happy Mothers Day. This day comes will joy and sorrow for all, as we remember someone special, and hope for someone special, or just hope someone eats their dinner before asking for ice cream for the umteenth time.

Make sure as women we take a moment to remember all the great moms out there, and take some time out for you. Pamper yourself, get a mani, go for an invigorating walk, take an extra 5 minutes in the bathtub. Eat that extra cupcake. Then eat the other one.

Here are the top three ideas I have come up with for me:

-Let me sleep in until 9am. 

-Go for brunch at Luna the lovely joint around the corner... they have a dill scrambled egg wrap

-Buy me a new nursing bra. Preferably cake lingerie, they are amazing.

Enjoy Ladies... and take a moment to reflect on the joy this holiday brings. xo


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