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Sun's Out, Fun's Out

Posted on May 25 2016


Summer is finally here! So what if we seemed to have skipped spring, right? Now that the mercury is rising, it's time to start planning picnics, park dates, and road trips to far off (or nearby) destinations.

So how do you keep your little ones safe and happy in the sunshine? Here are a few tips.


Be Sun Smart

Nothing ruins a great summer day like a sunburn. Make sure that whenever you leave the house, your babes are coated in child-friendly sunscreen and that you don't forget their hat. Aim for a cream that is approved for use in children, offers protection against UVA and UVB radiation, has a sufficiently high SPF, and isn't full of nasty chemicals. We've got some great options in stock if you'd like to come test them out.

When choosing a hat, try to stick with a brimmed style to shield both the face and the neck from those bright rays. Chin straps are an excellent idea when you've got a little one who likes to toss things from the carrier.Finally, you need to keep those eyes protected. Pint-sized sunglasses are the perfect way to keep those cute little eyes safe from the sun. We're partial to Babiators because they're cute, durable, and come with a Lost and Found Guarantee.


Stay Hydrated

It's incredibly important to ensure that your babies and kids are drinking enough water when it's hot out. To keep them well hydrated, offer them unlimited access to a bottle or sippy cup full of fresh water. Remind them to have a few sips as they play. We carry a ton of amazing, eco-friendly bottles from S'Well, ZoLi, Kleen Kanteen, Boon, and Pura and we'd be happy to point you in the right direction if you have questions.


Dress for the Weather

One complaint that so many new parents have is about dressing tiny babies in hot weather. You get so used to layering that stripping them of their swaddles and sweaters seems almost sacrilegious. Just like it's key to keep baby warm in the winter, you need to be sure that they aren't overheating.

Avoid the temptation to overdress and try keeping things simple with a plain onesie or romper. Cotton and linen are both natural, breathable fabrics that keep little ones comfortable. At night, if your baby is used to being covered, try a lightweight bamboo swaddle or sleep sack.


Have Fun!

This season is way too short so get out there and enjoy every second. Have lunch on the front porch, walk to the ice cream shop for an after dinner treat, sip a glass of rose while your kids create sidewalk chalk masterpieces. Let us know if you've got any summertime tips, we'd love to hear them!


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