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Sleep and kids

Posted on January 12 2014

Both Faye and I had our kids relatively close together. Faye's Amelia and Nolan are 18 months apart, and my Henry and Lachlan are 2.5 years apart. Our kids are not great sleepers. Henry, lucky for me, is better now than he ever has been (he mostly sleeps through the night),but Lauchie tricked me. He was an excellent sleeper for 4 months. Then, at the 4 month sleep regression, he got so terrible at sleeping and never recovered. Both my kids (and Faye's) are adverse to even a little bit of gentle CIO. They scream and scream and it always escalates. 

We drink wine. 

I know this will get better because it did with Henry, but it's still a long way off for me. At least 9-10 months, if Lauchie follows his big brother's example. 

Are your kids good sleepers? We have consulted with The Good Night Sleep Site's Alanna McGuin, and she's offered many amazing tips and help for us, even if my kids don't want to just go the eff to sleep. 


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