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Trying to Keep Toddlers entertained this holiday?

Posted on December 21 2013

Our darling Amelia is 2 years old, and she is always looking for the next project. Organizing our cutlery drawer, making eggs, and recently lining her toys up in a row on the stairs.. not quite sure where it is going from there. So we are always trying to find ways to keep her entertained and not destroy the house. Here are some ideas that could help over the holidays to keep that toddler at bay:

1. Make a pizza, and they can add the toppings

2. Invite friends over for a playdate. You get to have time with friends

3. Have a dance party. We are big Katy Perry fans in this house. Roar

4. With all those Christmas boxes, make a cardboard house. Crayons in stockings will help finish it

5. Bake cookies, and let them decorate with sprinkles, and mix the batter

6. Reorganize the kitchen.. sounds daunting, but all that stuff coming out of cupboards is hours of exploring

7. Build a fort with pillows. My kids really love when we hold the blanket up like a parachute and shake it. at least 15-20 mins there. 


Good luck this holiday, and if you have any ideas that I left off please be sure to let me know. I am always looking for ideas and recipes to keep Amelia busy. 


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